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Measuring and improving
customer loyalty
with NPS

The NPS or Net Promotor score is a key metric to improve customer experience. The 1-10 scale is the industry standard to measure customer loyalty. But what's the best way to use NPS in an organization?

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NPS is not just about the score

The Net Promoter Score gauges the willingness of a customer to recommend your brand to a friend or colleague. That willingness is a strong sign of customer loyalty, which in turn drives important business metrics like retention, revenue growth and profitability. 

But the score as such is not enough. NPS is a powerful metric if you combine it with open feedback. You need to know why customers give you a certain score to improve the customer experience in a targeted way. 


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What will you get from the guide?

  • How to choose key touchpoints to ask for feedback
  • How to select the right customer satisfaction metric for the right touchpoint
  • Learn how to use and interpret NPS correctly in combination with open feedback

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