Customer Feedback Management for
B2B services

How we help B2B services drive revenue using feedback

Remove friction from internal processes

Discover where inefficient processes hurt the customer journey

Optimize your digital service offering

Tweak and adjust your digital platforms or your self-services inititatives

Improve sales performance

Open feedback helps to create compelling sales arguments and tailors sales coaching

Fight churn in real-time

Respond to urgent feedback and de-escalate any pressing issues

Remove friction from internal processes

Successful B2B companies thrive on operational excellence and found a way to effectively manage overlapping background processes. 

With Hello Customer you can detect where inefficient back-end processes hurt the customer. After detecting the initial feedback signals, help you pinpoint the root-cause so you can resolve it quickly and effectively. 

How we detect feedback signals
B2B digital service optimization

Optimize your digital service offering

Not only B2C companies are pivoting toward self-service portals, but convenience also matters in a B2B context. 

Customer feedback is crucial to find out if your digital portals are hitting the mark or if changes to the current digital offerings are a step in the right direction. 

Learn how improving your digital service offering drives revenue

Download our Securitas case

Securitas has been a customer since 2019 uses the Hello Customer platform as a cornerstone in pivoting their offering to 'Security As A Service'

Download the case
Improve sales performance in B2B

Improve sales performance

Customer feedback helps sales teams sell more effectively as the open feedback uncovers how the product adds value for different customer segments. The perfect inspiration for compelling sales arguments. 

Likewise, open feedback helps sales managers get insights into the sales approach from every sales rep, making it easy to tailor coaching. 

Discover our B2B sales use case
Reduce churn in a B2B-context

Fight churn in real-time

In a market dominated by only a few players, every customer counts to retain your market share. We enable you with everything you need to proactively manage the relationship with your customers. We separate feedback that contains urgent questions and with the Conversation Manager you can reach out in a flash.

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