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Which metric is the right one for your business goals?

Which metric do I use to create the right experience for my customer?

Every process within a company should revolve around providing a positive customer experience. To measure and optimise this, proactively asking for feedback is a great way to peek into the customers’ thoughts about your product or service. To successfully receive actionable feedback, two important factors should be taken into account: the right question and the right moment.

In this e-book we give clear tips and tricks on how to ask feedback with the right metrics and more importantly: how to efficiently use and translate that feedback into impact.

We answer your essential questions:

✔️ How does my company become customer centric?
✔️ How do I switch my focus from 'what?' to 'why?'
✔️ What metrics should I use to collect feedback?
✔️ How do I make my own Customer Journey map?
✔️ How do I define touchpoints?
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