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Release 3.2.4 - October 12, 2018

New features
  • An option had been added to toggle sending reports by email (as was the case up until now) rather than viewing them in the platform only
  • Past reports will always be available from the "Reports" section for administrators. If non-admins need to view past reports, this can be added in their Touchpoint Scope Group, from the Access control pages.
  • The Administrator can choose if reports are sent with or without the downloadable Excel export of the data. This can be toggled in the General Settings of your touchpoint.
    • The download-link in the reports will only be available from the email and not at the bottom of the report anymore.
  • The reports and exports can be available from within the app at any time from the "Reports" and "Exports" pages.
Data security improvements
  • After your feedback about the 72 hours availability of the download links from the emails, we have extended the period up to 1 week. This allows for more flexibility and covers the possible gap with weekends.

Release 3.2.3 - September 13, 2018

Data security improvements
  • Any excel downloads will be limited for download up to 72 hours after request
  • The score notification detail page will only be accessible for 72 hours

Release 3.2.1 - September 5, 2018

New features
Ask Anywhere Touchpoint

The platform now adds new departments when included with feedback for Ask Anywhere touchpoints

Conversation Manager Pro
Notes and replies are now included in the same conversations thread.
  • Manual uploading for regular users is now possible
  • Automatically match FirstName and LastName when uploading respondents manually
Score evolution

Evolution of NPS/CSAT/CES now shows amount of respondents per interval


Removed "Question 1" title when only using the standard question


Various ISAAC improvements to enhance accuracy

Bug fixes
Custom Dashboards

Resolved the error messages when loading custom dashboards

Release 3.2.0 - June 22, 2018

New features
Multi Touchpoint Quarantine Period 

Possibility to create "Quarantine Groups". In this group touchpoints can be bundled to make sure if a respondent is put in quarantine in a number of touchpoints all at once (Engine Pro module only).

New Notification E-mail

We removed personal data from our notification emails.

Add Default Dashboard Button

When using the Custom Dashboard (Analysis Pro module only), you can now create your first dashboard with one click! This way you can quickly set off with a default set of widgets and configure your dashboard later.

New Feedback Engine

Our new feedback engine is up to six times more performant. This means mails can be processed and sent quicker and bigger batches can be processed as well. 

Automatic Creation of New Departments

New departments are created automatically and no longer require manual creation.

Collapse All Real-Time Department Ranking

From now on it's possible to collapse all real-time department rankings at once (Analysis Pro Module).

Renaming of Files on FTP Server

Every time you upload a file via FTP server, the filename will automatically receive a .hcx renaming to show it has been processed by the server.

Release 3.1.7 - April 5, 2018

New features
Custom Dashboards

New to the analysis pro module. Create and share custom dashboards with all the right widgets for you or your colleagues. 

Questions Wizard

When creating a new touchpoint, we implemented an easy to use wizard to choose the right metric (NPS, CSAT or CES). 

Open Question

An additional open question to ask for specific open feedback.

Spanish Language

Now, Spanish can be added to your touchpoints to survey Spanish speaking customers or stakeholders. 

Ask Anywhere for public surveys

We implemented a "0 days quarantine period" and a redirect function for the Ask Anywhere touchpoints so they can be used on devices in public spaces.

Extra text option for emails and survey pages
  • Thank you-message in HTML
  • Email footer text in HTML
  • Optional text when survey is completed
Bug fixes
Unsubscribe bug in preview

We fixed a bug which didn't show the unsubscribe page when clicking the unsubscribe button in the test email.

Release 3.1.6 - February 20, 2018

New features
Launch Isaac V2

We are very proud to finally launch our new version of ISAAC! Even more accurate and including the possibility to read the feedback behind each category.

Export realtime department ranking

You can now export the data from the realtime department ranking for the chosen period. 

Remove reset password as an admin (GDPR)

We removed the option to reset a password of a user by an admin. From now on, users can only reset their own password from the login screen (forgot your password link).

Lazy Loading

We reconfigured how the platform loads by splitting it up into parts, for faster loading.

Score labels on mobile

Added score labels on mobile view of the survey page.

Bug fixes
IE11 bug fix

We fixed some IE11 bugs in the HTML emails. 

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