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Blokker NL: Customer-centric DNA

Blokker is part of Blokker Holding B.V., a Dutch retail group active in household and homeware products. Blokker Holding owned six store concepts, including Big Bazar and Maxi Toys. In May 2017 the company decided to focus entirely on their original brand Blokker. In doing so they chose for a complete turnaround towards the customer. Hello Customer helps them to become more customer-focused.

What you'll get out of this case study

✔ How to use feedback to engage everyone in your company, from the CEO to the floor
✔ How Blokker uses insights from Hello Customer's AI-powered text analytics to improve customer experience
✔ Why customer feedback is crucial for future retailing according to Blokker

Which feedback does Blokker have for Hello Customer?


Patricia Van Zadelhoff &
Nelleke Wessels Timmer

Customer Insights
District Manager

"Hello Customer starts from the customer's perspective. It's not a long questionnaire based on our own KPIs. Instead our customers tell us what the company's priorities should be."

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