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Optimizing your service offering through customer feedback

We use Hello Customer to map the expectations and experiences of our customers. It’s a structural way to measure the operational performance of your company. The evolutions show you whether your business is doing well or not and the AI text analysis is very useful as it delivers actionable insights for improvement.
Nicolas Maes
Marketing Director
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Industry HR & Payroll Services

About Liantis

Liantis is a services provider that supports enterprises and freelancers in all their HR processes, from recruitment over payroll to workplace safety. To increase market share, Liantis wants to guide their customers throughout their full lifetime. They want to expand their services as much as possible, covering multiple service. Liantis uses insights from customer feedback to constantly optimize their services.

Their challenges: 

  1. As Liantis offers many services, they constantly want to monitor and improve those to guarantee a frictionless experience.

  2. Liantis performed market research every two years, but the iterations between feedback and action were too big.

  3. Liantis houses teams from different previous brands. They want to align all employees and break down internal siloes by making the customer visible.

We look at the feedback that comes in and what the clusters are. Then we forward those insights to our people: this occurs frequently, can we solve this issue? This is a major strength of the platform. It gives insight into the customer experience and the perception of the customer. You can provide flawless service, but if your customers perceive it differently, you’re not doing a good job.
Nicolas Maes
Marketing Director

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How Liantis uses Hello Customer to resolve their challenges

1. Measuring in real-time for fast action

“We performed a big study every two years that would lead to an action plan. This has its value too, but the iterations between them were too big.” Today, they capture feedback at a higher frequency. “This way we can go through incremental evolutions and optimize our services step by step. It’s a structural way of measuring the operations of the service aspects of your company.”

Liantis has successfully optimized certain touchpoints based on customer feedback already. “For one service, most of the contact would typically happen by e-mail. The satisfaction at this touchpoint was quite low. We decided to let our employees call customers, instead of e-mailing them.” After that change, there was an increase in customer satisfaction. Small adjustments in the customer experience are immediately evaluated.  

2. Feedback insights to know customer expectations

As a service provider, Liantis is constantly looking to improve their services. For that they need to know what customers expect and how they experience working with Liantis. “In that respect, the A.I. that drives the platform is very useful. It delivers actionable insights. It categorizes feedback and adds it all together, so you don’t have to fiddle around with raw data. It adds a lot of value and makes the platform powerful and easy to use.”

The platform makes the customer tangible. “We look at what comes in and what the clusters are. Based on that, we mail our people: this occurs frequently, can we do something about it? That is one of the most important elements of the platform. It makes things clear. It gives insight into the customer experience and perception of the customer. You can provide flawless service, but if it’s not relevant to the customer, you’re not doing a good job.”




3. Aligning teams with customer feedback

Because feedback makes the customer tangible, it is easier to align their teams. “We believe it’s important that our employees actively start conversations with customers.” But for people who previously never had direct customer contact, that is not easy. “Feedback is crucial, because it encourages our employees. It shows them how much customers appreciate the effort.” This way, feedback empowers their teams to think in a customer-centric way, and to leave behind the siloes of the brands they previously worked for.

Business outcomes

  1. Enable ROI of service improvements. By closing the loop and returning to  their customers when a new service is implemented, they immediately know  how it is perceived, if it meets market needs and how to improve.
  2. Better customer retention. By measuring satisfaction along all the different  journeys, they can meet their customers’ needs better to increase customer  retention and lifetime value.
  3. Time-to-value enables Liantis to improve services quickly. Feedback is analyzed in real-time, so they have immediate insight in what has a negative  impact on customer satisfaction.  
  4. Improving service delivery and increased customer satisfaction. By making  the customer tangible in all departments, employees are encouraged to deliver services in a customer-centric way. This has led to higher customer satisfaction. 
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