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centralized feedback

Centralize feedback

Capture feedback across silos. Centralize all your feedback in one central platform for powerful across-the-board business insights.
Product Pillar - AI powered insights

AI-powered insights

Our AI helps you pinpoint the root cause of a problem instantly by automatically doing sentiment analysis and categorizing all feedback that addresses the same topics.
alert on trends in customer feedback

Alert on trends

Don’t miss out on urgent trends by getting lost in large volumes of feedback. We help you detect negative experience in real time so you can defend your market position and avoid churn.
product pillar - prioritize actions

Prioritize actions

We analyze and highlight what's relevant, what's urgent and what should be your next priority, while at the same time allowing local customer-facing employees to follow up feedback with customers.

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Key Driver Analysis

Do you know what drives or harms your bottom line?

You need actionable insights to understand what drives or harms your business. Hello Customer transforms all your customer feedback into real-time insights in seconds so you can act before you lose revenue.

Not just your average survey tool

hello customer AI depth of analysis

Depth of analysis

Our AI analysis reaches an industry-leading accuracy so you can make changes with confidence.
hello customer speed to value

Speed to value

Intuitive configuration and fast no-code implementation so you can collect feedback from the get-go with immediate qualitative insights.
hello customer built around your business

Built around your business

Set up teams and departments that reflect the structure of your organization, measure your most meaningful touchpoints, and personalize dashboards and insights for different user levels.

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Having an all-in-one platform is a huge timesaver. Setting up surveys and analyzing feedback happens quickly and saves us on manual labor.
Ken Van De Steen
Christelijke Mutualiteit
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Thanks to the high feedback response rate of 40% on our Hello Customer surveys, we discovered the true pain points of our customers after only one month.
Matthieu Bonelli
Café Royal
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Hello Customer helps us understand in real time how our customers perceive our company, our stores and the changes we implement along the way.
Guido De Smet
Standaard Boekhandel
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