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Customer Experience is a human thing. Listen to your customers and be fabulous.

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Understand exactly what makes your customers happy

  • Identify your best practices in order to scale great customer experience
  • Know about unhappy customers right away
  • Identify your happiest customers
  • Make more of your customers happy
  • Benchmark your stores or departments in terms of customer happiness
  • Turn bad experiences into great learning moments
  • Make every member of your team accountable, every day



1) Captures feedback from all your customers


2) After specific interactions between you and your customer



3) Engage with your customer individually or automated


4) Receive smart reports for your brand and departments


5) Enhance the insights with what you already know in your CRM

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It's everyone's concern! Find out what it means for you.

Customer experience starts with employee engagement

Employee satisfaction and engagement is directly linked to customer experience. Use Hello Customer to engage your employees and help them be aware of your customers. Or you can measure employee satisfaction through eNPS!

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The best salesperson knows the needs and desires of customers and prospects

Selling is all about listening, understanding needs and offering the right advice and solutions. The better your salesforce have an understanding of how your customers perceive you, how they interact with you and why, the better they will be able to perform.

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Detect your promotors, activate them as ambassadors!

Our software will identify your promoters, but will equally allow you to win over neutral customers and win back dissatisfied customers. 

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Problems with processes? Your customer will tell you!

Steer your operations based on facts. Hard data is already very useful, with Hello Customer you can add the voice of the customer into the mix. Is delivery on time? Is stock adjusted to potential promotions? Is online shopping in line with your retail processes?

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Allow your customer a seat in the board room, and prevent intuitive decisions!

How and when to innovate? Are you focusing on the right customer channels? Including customer feedback in your innovation / strategy process can be very helpful. It's first-hand experience feedback!

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You're in great company

“Hello Customer is a very innovative tool that helps us identifying ambassador customers. It’s a great coaching tool for our banking agents and boosts our business by continuously learning & improving!”

Kris Jonckheere, Head of Strategic Marketing at Axa Bank

The Customer Experience Academy

We’re not just a tool, we’re also passionate experts aiming to help you kickstart your customer centric strategy.

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