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Optimising your service offering through feedback

The platform and the AI are huge timesavers. Setting up the surveys and analyzing feedback happens quickly and naturally. It has huge financial benefits compared to using three or four different platforms. Even without making any changes to our services, we’re making profit.
Ken Van de Steen
Christelijke Mutualiteit
Industry Health Fund
Addressed challenges
  • Customer experience
  • Customer engagement
  • Metrics and Methodology
  • The Platform
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CM’s challenges

With the ambition to group all Flemish and Walloon funds into one Flemish and one Walloon fund by 2022, CM found Hello Customer to enable them to gather feedback in a simple but effective way through a central platform.

Their challenges:

  1. CM sent out surveys without an overhead strategy. This decentralized way of capturing customer feedback made it difficult to know which actions to prioritize to improve services.

  2. CM sent out long surveys with a lot of questions, leading to low response rates. Consequently they didn’t have enough data to evaluate their services and partners.

  3. CM was investing a lot of time and resources in the feedback program. Different regional branches used different tools and feedback was analyzed manually.

We are convinced that customer feedback is necessary if you want to improve the customer experience and increase satisfaction. You can only achieve that if you capture feedback in a structured way. Since we use Hello Customer our employees invest a lot less time in setting up surveys and analyzing results.
Ken van de Steene Staff Member Marketing & Sales
Staff Member Marketing & Sales

Get to know how

✔️  Christelijke Mutualiteit reduced costs and manual labor by switching to an all-in-one feedback platform.

✔️  Christelijke Mutualiteit is able to take action quickly thanks to lightning-fast customer feedback analysis.

✔️ Christelijke Mutualiteit can control and evaluate external partner relationships to guarantee service quality.

4,5m Members
19 Regional funds
2616 Employees
16 Touchpoints

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