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Topic(s): Customer Centricity Employee Engagement

Your People Are Your Brand

Branding has been one of the most budgeted activities in marketing departments. Creating a valuable brand, a brand people recognise and love, is invaluable.

On the one extreme you have events such as ‘United broke my Guitar’ by Dave Carroll, which cost United millions in its share price, and ended up a PR nightmare. Any brand manager will tell you that such an event is their biggest nightmare. For United only 17million people have viewed this so far...

Catch little issues in time

On the other hand you have those minor annoyances and company failures that really get under the skin of your customers. The little things happen every day, everywhere to many customers. And you probably don’t know about it. It’s little issues chipping away at your brand value, and by the time you’re aware of it, is already too late.

Hello Customer was built for this reason and the very reason we keep on growing.

One of our clients has a perfect example of this, they found out people kept on mentioning gossiping in their feedback. Over and over and over again it kept on coming up for a single store, so they did a little digging. It turned out that the staff at the tills were gossiping negatively about customers while they were serving people. I don’t know about you but hey, that kind of behaviour really winds me up, not just as a person but also as a retail exec.

Just to put this into context, imagine if the company didn’t know this was going on. At best these customers would complain, at worst they would tell their friends and not return to your store.

It gets even worse, because while this is happening in only one store, it is hurting your brand everywhere. Because people tell this story about your brand, in connection to your brand.

“If you don’t think you have an impact, try spending a night in a room with a mosquito” Anita Roddick

Strategy is key

When you’re looking at building and maintaining a valuable brand from this perspective, there are some strategic changes you can make happen.

  • Develop your training that puts the customer at the heart of everything you do.
    We see quite often that customers get different experiences within the same organisation. This leads to patchy Cx management and is often because of a poor approach to training and development.
  • Listen to customer feedback and act on it!
    No matter how you decide to gather feedback you must gather it and react when appropriate. Following up with customers when they have taken the time to tell you what is going on is so important I can’t stress the point enough.
  • Give feedback to your employees
    This is an interesting one and, 80% of leaders report feedback to their employees. Companies that do it wrong let it sit in the exec team and only use negative feedback as a stick to hit people with. If you're doing it that way stop and think, if you only tell your staff negative things you are breeding a circle of negativity. Positive feedback can be a real motivator for people, if they know their customers love them then they are more likely to do a great job. It's really simple psychology. Likewise having the information helps staff self analyse their own shortcomings and fix their own issues more easily.

It is highly advisable to make customer feedback part of your training and development.

People are brand value

A last note – because it is so important. Your people, your employees are the new brand value. They make or break an experience at your stores, through customer service, building your digital interfaces. So find the right tools, such like Hello Customer to learn about their performance, all of them, from the customer’s perspective so you can motivate them to keep going, to do better, to go the extra mile. Each extra mile will help build an incredible brand!