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Topic(s): Metrics & Methodology

Wow Your Promoters into Ambassadors

 In the world of NPS℠ turning more passives into promoters is a key achievement. While you're handing round the chocolates have you ever stopped to think if these people are really ambassadors for your brand? It’s a big area of debate around the office (while we’re eating your chocs), and this could be how and when you ask the question.

Promoters = Ambassadors?

Depending on what you are selling, people generally feel different about you at different points in their journey. Think about buying a new car, the excitement of going to the garage to pick it up. Assuming nothing has gone wrong with the process if I ask you the NPS question then many people would probably score a 9 or 10. If I ask it again in 3 years, then your answer will be different, depending on your experience.

A study by Texas Tech showed that from 83% of happy, satisfied customers only 29% will refer you. Yes, that’s a stunning 54% of your happy customers that don’t give a damn, or simply can’t be bothered.

Engage with your loyal customers

If you want more referrals, you must find ways to get customers to refer you. Find out what is valuable to them and make them happy. You need engaged customers, not just happy ones.

I have recently left a large multi-national retailer. We printed 1000 personalised body butters and Christmas cards, signed by the managers of the store they visited most. Not only did we reward and acknowledge these customers for being loyal, but they went out into the market and talked about us. At the time when we most needed them to. The results were impressive and it gave our peak campaign the boost it needed.

You must find ways to surprise and delight your loyal customers if you want them to turn into true brand advocates.

Keep your messaging relevant

There is absolutely nothing worse than receiving another spray and pray email or Social advert. Nothing. Not only will your customers be falling asleep while looking at your marketing they will be left feeling more ambivalent about your brand.

Make sure your personalisation is multi-channel. If you send a customer a personalised offer via email, make sure it appears on your website and social channels too. Be aware of the risks though, don’t just personalise for personalisation’s sake. If you do it wrong, you might as well just spray and pray and save yourself a whole load of work. But you’ll still end up with a bunch of turned off customers.

In summary

A customer who scores a 9 or 10 will not necessarily promote you, in Fred Reichheld (the guy who invented NPS) said in an interview it is only the intention to recommend. As the old saying goes the way to hell is paved with good intentions.

Find new and interesting ways to engage with your promotors, try some surprise and delight. This will leave them feeling warm and fuzzy and more likely to tell people about you. Build your plans around this core principal and you can’t really go wrong.