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Topic(s): Customer Experience

3 Signs You're Not Getting All The Value Out Of The NPS℠ programme

Many companies run NPS in an attempt to truly understand their customers and monitor performance. The better your programme, the more value you get. 

3 signs you’re not getting all the value out of your NPS programme

But wouldn’t you just like to do it right? Get the most out of it? In the years that we’ve been helping companies getting the most out their NPS programme, we’ve come across a number of ways they’ve been doing it wrong. And thus not getting the right value out of it.

We’d like to share with you the three main reasons why companies don’t get the most out of their NPS efforts, as our sharing may help you optimise your own programme!

1. You're asking too many questions

Survey frenzie often kicks in when setting up an NPS programme. What starts as ‘yes, let’s just focus on the two NPS questions’ to find out about our customers’ experience with our company, often results in: ‘but we should ask A, B and C too’. Other departments within the company make the resulting surveys even longer, because they would like to know things relevant to their specific work as well.

We see three things causing this:

  • Oddly enough, the NPS programme that is needed to become customer-centric, is approached from a very internal point of view ‘what do we like to know’ instead of a customer-viewpoint ‘what do our customers want to tell us’?
  • NPS programmes are often confused with market surveys. We know that NPS is a survey-style question sent to customers, however it is not a survey. 
  • Companies lack resources to go through the actual open feedback, leaving them puzzled about their scores. Adding in extra questions allows them to validate their scores. Instead, they should focus on uncovering the reasons from what their customers are saying in the open comments.

2. You run it once, across your customer base

That’s fine if you want to get an overall score for your brand. However, NPS is a much more powerful tool! It should be integrated with your key moments in the customer’s journey, be it a purchase, a call to your support center, a visit from one of your reps, … . It allows for continuous monitoring of the performance of your staff, stores, marketing, product innovation, … .

NPS allows for a continuous finger on the pulse. And with advanced analytics from the open feedback, there’s no stopping you to become ultra performing and be customer-centric. It’s a win-win situation for both your company and the customer. The only way is up!

3. You focus on score and ignore actual comments

It’s a missed opportunity not to engage individually with your customers after they went through all of the trouble of giving you their honest feedback. There are a few ways to actionably include the feedback in your programme to get more value:

  • Have a solid alert system for every 0 to 6 score. React immediately and you’ll see how fast you can turn around a bad experience. The bad experience in itself is not the worse, it’s ignoring that customer afterwards. Not reacting to those customers is like confirming that you’re ok with bad experiences.
  • Engage with all customers giving you a 9 or 10 individually. They are your fans, your ambassadors! Invest time in engaging with them, as they are promoting you and thus possibly generating more revenue for you. Be thankful to them, they are your free salesforce. Spoil them!
  • Understand what your 7 or 8 customers are saying. Understanding what motivates them to be neutral about you. Understand their expectations so that next time you can exceed them.
  • Overall learn the trends and most important reasons for satisfaction and dissatisfaction. One of the main advantages of NPS is that it’s such a great driver of feedback. Embrace that about the programme and increase the value you will get from it.

Are you doing NPS the right way?

Ask yourself these 3 questions:

1) Am I asking too many questions?
2) Are you running it just once in so many months or years?
3) Are you focusing too heavily on the scores and ignoring your actual customer?

If you say yes to either of these questions, you know that you can get a lot more value from your NPS programme!