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Topic(s): Artificial Intelligence Customer Experience

The Future of CX? It's #TeamHuman!

There are several factors organisations need to take into account in creating the right experience for their customers. Customer expectations change over time, but one thing remains. They want to experience the human touch in their interactions with a brand. 

Different industries, same challenges

By now organisations understand the importance of the Voice of the Customer. However there are some cross-industry obstacles that all companies face when they implement a customer experience programme. It isn’t always simple, but keep in mind you’re not alone 💪🏻

One crucial tip: don't just listen to the voice of dissatisfied customers, but of every customer. If you don't, this might create a distorted view of where the company priorities should lie. Not entirely convinced? Our CEO Leslie explains it to you in just a couple of minutes in this video.

Alexa, show us a cool video!

We might all be talking to the Siris and Alexas of this world, but in the end people will always be at the center of our efforts. We want to make an impact on people's lives. This drives us to keep innovating our product. So we put our CTO Joeri in front of a camera - and let's give him a round of applause for overcoming his stage fright 😉 - to explain what the future holds for Hello Customer.


Now that our AI feedback engine has reached an unprecedented accuracy of 95% we're ready to start working on the next generation CX technology. Three years of hard work, research and of pushing our product past the borders of traditional surveying has led us up to this point: the start of a world where Hello Customer enables companies to follow up on customer experience from A to Z. We are #teamhuman, and A.I. Driven.

Next level customer insights

People don't like answering questions or ticking checkboxes. They simply want to tell their story. This will remain crucial for the future of customer experience: treat your customers like people and not opportunities to increase revenue. Get to know them until you know them better than you know yourself.

And most importantly: don't forget your employees in the process. Technology is also there to support them in their endeavours. This is something we are taking into account too. With our event center, getting the right feedback to the right people or teams has never been easier. Our A.I. automatically dispatches feedback based on scores and on insights from the A.I. driven text analytics.

Your employees are the ones that create a big part of your customer experience, so invest in them too.