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People, processes & partnership: How Luminus shakes up the energy market using Hello Customer

Luminus is part of the EDF Group and is the second-largest energy supplier on the Belgian market. They serve 1.8 million domestic and professional customers and rely on great customer experience to attain their goal of becoming the preferred energy supplier in Belgium. The heat is on because in 2007 the government liberalized the market making it a price-driven and competitive environment.

They have been using Hello Customer since the beginning of 2019 to gain deeper insights into customer expectations, with great success.

Here are 3 ways in which Hello Customer helps them achieve their CX goals:


1. Asking the right questions across the customer journey

“In the past, we used long surveys, but we were not getting out of it what we needed. Now with the open questions, we really know what’s on the customer’s mind. Plus, ISAAC analyses the feedback automatically so we don’t need anyone to go through the feedback manually. That used to be very time-consuming in the past. Now our team can fully focus on taking action instead of going through the feedback.” - Sophie Lambrechts, Customer Experience Manager at Luminus.

The way they have set up their touchpoints is a textbook example of measuring customer satisfaction across the customer journey. They have more than 10 touchpoints covering the first contact, on-site services (which has a response rate of +30%!), billing, and even when a customer decides to leave. They know exactly what the customer’s expectations are, from start to finish.


2. Customer insights leading to employee empowerment

Because they add the operational data (the who, where, what) to every interaction, they can filter the feedback insights on team and agent. This helps people managers tremendously in the coaching sessions, as they can individually tailor coaching based on the feedback. Pricing also turned out to be a big motivator for customers. In the energy market that’s often an external factor, but Luminus is tackling this by paying extra attention to pricing discussion in employee training.


3. Customer focus as an everyday part of the business

With over 2000 employees in the Belgian office across multiple departments, it’s not easy to always deliver a personal experience to the customer. By connecting Hello Customer and their CRM, Salesforce, everyone can access the customer profile, view the latest feedback, and deliver personal experience when they reach out. They show that strong automation processes are the foundation of a positive experience.


There’s more!

Luminus proves that it’s certainly possible to build a personal connection with your customer, no matter the size of the company. There’s a lot to learn from their approach, so get the full story here to learn more!