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Making sure your customers feel safe with In the Moment Feedback


Today many stores are re-opening. One thing's for sure: going back to work or shopping won’t be the same as before. The social contact is great, but everyone wants the same thing: to feel safe.

Even if you follow official protocols to the letter, safety remains a subjective feeling. The only way to know how your employees and customers are feeling is to ask them. And even better than just asking, is to ask it on the spot, in your stores or workplace.

In addition to our classic email, whatsapp and SMS touchpoints, Hello Customer also enables you to get feedback in the moment that is safe. It would be a terrible idea to now use the smiley buttons or iPads or other screens to get people to give feedback these days.

Here’s how we capture feedback in the moment in a safe way:

  • QR Codes with an online webpage:
  • Whatsapp or SMS number customers can send feedback to.

Here are 4 reasons why it's the perfect way to capture feedback in-store:


1. It’s in the moment

When you’re trying to measure how satisfied people are and how safe they feel, you want to capture their live emotions as well. When you’re sending out a survey 24 hours after their visit, the rational brain already had enough time to kick-in and lessen the emotional impact they felt during a visit to your store.

Secondly, you may have a lot of new visitors to your store. As a consumer, our needs have suddenly shifted. We visit local stores more often, picked up a new hobby (DIY project, anyone?) or we suddenly have new needs (like face masks). You may not have the contact details of everyone coming in to send an email, but that’s not a problem with QR codes or Whatsapp/SMS.

qr-code for ask anywhere
Scan me to see an example of what you can do!

2. It’s on the spot

Capturing the feedback in-store enables your customers to accurately describe the details that matter. When they give you feedback on the spot, they can describe exactly what is making them feel unsafe. The great thing about in-the-moment touchpoints is that you can add extra information in the URL, giving context to the feedback. This makes it a lot more actionable. It’s perfectly possible to give every store a unique URL. This way you can filter per store or region in the platform afterwards. Other information that is often added is the store concept, type of store, number of employees per store...

If you want to use the QR codes internally, you can also create a different link for every area within the office. That will make it easy for you to follow-up and take action.


3. Open communication builds trust

And our last point all comes back to our famous iceberg analogy. The people that proactively give you feedback, are just the tip of the iceberg, there are so many opinions beneath the surface. If you don’t ask, you don’t know. Making the effort to ask yourself, builds trust. And let’s face it, you’d rather have an unhappy customer rant to you in private, than on social media for all their followers.

Likewise, if you want to use this within your own company, your HR team can’t be everywhere at the same time. Enabling your team to speak up builds trust and also makes sure that your team has everything they need to do their job.


4. You get continuous feedback.. fast!

With Ask Anywhere touchpoints you don’t need your IT team to build an API connection to your CRM. Setting up a touchpoint in Hello Customer takes less than an hour. Then all you need to do is add metadata to the URLs and print the QR codes. It couldn’t be any easier.

There couldn’t be a better companion to ask feedback in this transition period than Ask Anywhere touchpoints. They’re fast and easy to set up, you get continuous feedback, people can reply in the store and they’re perfect to build trust and show your customers you care.