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Hello Website Touchpoints — Keeping Your Customers Happy Just Got Easier

Keeping your customers happy and satisfied is the first step to keeping your customers. Unfortunately, gathering real customer feedback in real-time can be a real pain—for both you and them. Short of dispatching a personalized butler to standby at the ready, unobtrusively asking, “What do you need?”, the easiest means of obtaining feedback is customer touchpoint surveys.


Real-Time Touch Points & The Power of Centralized Feedback 

Touchpoints are interactions between businesses and customers that occur during the customer journey. These influential moments in the customer experience are optimal for getting feedback. Ideally, you would integrate as many of these as possible to get a centralized picture of your customers’ perceptions, even before customers become your customer, then use this complete understanding to improve your product, service and the overarching customer experience. 

For example, you might send a follow-up email to learn how the customer’s experience went after they’ve made a purchase. You could also add an “ask anywhere” touchpoint that anyone could fill out, simply by clicking a link. For example, a printed QR code placed in a dressing room of your brick and mortar business. There are dozens of touchpoints available for getting valuable customer feedback. Now Hello Customer is launching a pop-up touchpoint that tracks your customer’s digital experience on your website.


Meet Website Touch Points!Live-Popup

Website Touchpoints are the easiest way to embed a Hello Customer survey on your website or e-platform. We’ve designed them so that anyone can set one up, and removed all the hassle typically involved. Our website touchpoints are great, for a number of reasons and features:

  • Easy to configure
  • Customer branding
  • Custom triggers, e.g. open the pop-up after a payment page in a specific time period
  • Direct link to our Artificial Intelligence feedback analysis 

As an admin, you can easily configure the touchpoint in our platform, adding or choosing elements, such as branding, pop-up type, survey metrics and questions. When you’re finished, we generate a code snippet your website manager can paste into the page code where you want it to launch— easy, peasy!

Then all you have to do is sit back and let ISAAC, our world-class AI engine, analyze all the incoming feedback your website touchpoint generates. Having both your online and offline touchpoints in one platform helps you find the root cause of customer dissatisfaction faster and keeps all customer feedback central in one place. ISAAC “reads” all the open feedback for you, and pinpoints the root of any problem. What’s more, it tracks your progress as you make improvements.



Real-Time Feedback at the Point of Interaction

Website touchpoints take data analytics one step further. Instead of knowing how many customers visit a page or how long they stay on it, you actually learn what your customers think about it—at the moment of interaction. That's the number one benefit —you can put it directly on your website, on any page you choose, and integrate it with your content. That way, you can be sure what your customer, or potential customer, sees and so better understand what is and isn’t working. When people who don’t buy click off, you almost instantly learn why.  And because it’s a Hello Customer touchpoint, they are more likely to respond.


Tweak, Perfect & Customize in Response to Live, Instant Feedback

So, what does this information do for you? And why do you want to know? Well, maybe you have some user-friendliness issues and don’t realize it. Or maybe your customers cannot find what they are looking for—but is that because of your website’s layout? Or because you don’t have enough product choice or inventory?

When someone answers your survey, it comes into our platform and is analyzed immediately, in real-time. So you will learn what they love or don't like. We categorize their open feedback so you can pinpoint the actions you need to take to improve. For example, if a lot of people say, “I do not like the products you offer because I hate the colors,” then you can choose different products in different colors. 

You gain actionable insights from our platform at the moment they visit your page, and afterwards. You can see if some parts of your website are better than others, or ask specific questions about a certain collection. For example, the women's or the men's collection. And you can continually track the changes you make, in real time, to see how it impacts their experience. 

Serious ROI

Ultimately, website touchpoints are a powerful tool for use cases like conversion rate optimization within the e-commerce industry. For example, one e-commerce enterprise discovered that asking users to sign-up before checkout caused 30% of them to abandon their carts. Armed with this insight, the enterprise removed mandatory login requirements from their site, which resulted in a massive $300M revenue increase.

So, you can see why customer touchpoint surveys are invaluable for your business. And now, thanks to Hello Customer’s Website Touchpoint, you can catch anyone who visits your website—true clients and new browsers—and learn what makes them happy!