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Hello Customer for Healthcare: Quick Feedback in Difficult Circumstances

There's a cheesy saying that goes 'the ability to adapt is life's greatest tool'. In some ways, many of us had to adapt to difficult circumstances in the last couple of weeks. And while it was stressful for us too, it quickly became great and reassuring to see how agile some of our customers are.

Setting up a new Hello Customer touchpoint is just a matter of hours. Even though we never had a pandemic in mind when we designed it, we're seeing the benefits of our easy approach when customers need to adapt quickly. If there's one industry where things have to go fast, it's healthcare.

Communication & Clarity

It's an understatement to say that hospitals had to reorganise. Not only do they need sufficient capacity for patients struck by the COVID-19 virus, but most hospitals also cater to patients with other worries. It's pretty daunting having to go to the hospital now, so our healthcare customers have changed their communication procedures, focusing on putting patients at ease and making them feel safe. Patients now receive a lot more communication up-front, including an email with some hygiene do's and don'ts and instructions on what to do once they reach the hospital.

Once they're back home, a patient receives a Hello Customer survey. The hospitals mainly check how clear the communication was and how satisfied they are with patient care in these new circumstances. This allows the hospital to get follow-up quickly in case something is unclear or misunderstood by visiting patients. Our ISAAC analysis helps you figure out the reason behind high and low scores in real-time. Getting to the bottom of things these days is crucial. A swift set-up and a quick reaction to feedback, that's what we love.

A leading role for CES and CSAT

A general trend we're seeing across our entire customer base is that the CSAT and CES questions are the weapons of choice in this situation. Of course, always followed by open feedback. No numbers without the why, remember?

CES, the underdog of satisfaction metrics, stands for Customer Effort Score. It measures how difficult it was for a customer to do something. A gem in times like these. CSAT stands for Customer Satisfaction score and simply measures how satisfied customers are. Compared to NPS, which is considered as the standard to measure customer loyalty, CES and CSAT are better at capturing feedback about a specific process or change you had to make.

Open Feedback and Encouragement

And feedback from patients? One word: Heartwarming. People gave feedback on how clear the communication was, but it's amazing to see that many took the opportunity to compliment and encourage the staff.

Something you would've never captured in lengthy surveys.

open feedback field

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