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Hello Customer Digest: 2018 CX Trends

These days it's impossible to wrap your head around the massive amount of information coming your way when you browse the internet. Lucky for you we do a lot of research at Hello Customer, and it would be a shame not to share it. That's why our content team is here to make your life a bit easier. We'll help you navigate through the sea of articles, blogs and videos that are out there by selecting the most interesting content. Sounds good? Let's go! 

AI in Customer Experience?

To wrap up the end of the year we selected some of the most read and watch-worthy content out there. The first one was a no-brainer for us. At Hello Customer we're dedicated to showing people AI is not something you should be afraid of (that's why we built our entire platform around it!). AI doesn't have to be an and/or story in which the human aspect is completely lost. Quite the opposite, we're convinced it will only make people's lives easier and more efficient. It's and AI, and human.  

Just have a look at this...



Of course we're no Google (yet! Yes, our ambitions are sky-high ;-) ), but doesn't this look like it would make your life so much easier? Exactly. Now how can companies use AI to help their customers? And more importantly: why should they do so? This interesting article from Gigabitmagazine explains how contact centers are already benefiting from incorporating AI in their follow-up with customers. Basically: 

"By leveraging AI enabled solutions into their business models, businesses will observe immediate ROI – increased employee productivity - as agents are freed up to manage more challenging and comprehensive tasks, and exceed customer expectation with a better, ‘intelligent’ and more efficient service."

More than anything AI will automate a lot of work, predict with insane precision and most importantly it can help humans in doing their work better and more efficiently. How's that for an improvement?

Measuring Customer Experience Metrics? Go Beyond The Score.

"Only 33% of employees in product development, 50% in business development and customer service and 48% in digital strategy agree that their companies provide metrics with actionable insights about the customer experience."

Shortly put, less than half of company employees think they get something useful out of customer feedback to improve the actual customer experience. This is something we've known for a long time. Companies realize the importance of measuring their customer experience. But they often don't succeed in turning them into actionable insights.

Yet, turning feedback into insights and sharing them throughout your company is what makes or breaks a feedback programme. Pointillist created an insightful playbook that helps you understand how you can transform the metrics you already collect into impact. Hello Customer approves!

Customer Satisfaction + Employee Happiness = Great CX!

We've been talking a lot to our own customers, asking for feedback and tips & tricks about how they implemented Hello Customer in their company. Capturing feedback from your customers isn't something you just do, it requires a shift in thinking. You want to build a real customer culture that puts the consumer in the middle of your universe.

"Assuming employees understand the changes your company is going through will jeopardize your change initiative. So the next time you’re approaching a change project, be sure to think about how you can inspire, inform, empower, and engage your most powerful ambassadors – and successfully lead your company into the future."

Safe to say Harvard Business Review is right when they say that context, motivation and participation are important factors if you want customer culture to grow and if you want to include everyone in the organisation in the entire process. Happy employees = happy customers!