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Hello Customer Colleague in the Spotlight: Marcella

Already a year ago we welcomed Marcella in our team. Originally from El Salvador, Marcella moved to Belgium and started as a Sales Development Representative at Hello Customer.

Could you say you made a career twist at Hello Customer?

Yes, definitely. I used to work for a big pharmaceutical company. I was product manager and in charge of a sales team for a specific product. I looked at new products, pricing, made forecasts for the sales network. Of course I have a commercial background, but working at Hello Customer is something entirely different. First of all there's the language difference, I was used to working in a Spanish environment. However my colleagues are very good at switching to English whenever I'm around. 

Secondly I was used to selling FMCG (Fast-Moving Consumer Goods) products, but now I'm selling SaaS technology with a different price range. On top, I'm selling it in a market that was completely new to me, so there were some challenges.

How important is/was learning in your job?

I moved countries and had to start over in a Dutch-speaking company. I had no experience with Sales Development, so I had to learn everything from scratch. But that's what's so interesting about working at Hello Customer, you get to learn on the job and everyone supports each other. Leslie, our CEO, joins me for demos so I can learn from her. So, without a lot of experience in SDR, I managed to do the job because of the supportive atmosphere.

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I'm still learning and improving my skills every day, whether it comes to sending out quotes to prospects, proposals for data pilots or doing 'cold calls'. On top of that we want to conquer the Spanish market, so we have to build up sales there as well. We've never done that before and we're targeting bigger companies, so it's a learning process. By doing it together, the sales team gets to learn a lot from each other.

I'm also developing other skills by supporting the marketing team with Spanish translations for the website, e-books and case studies, communicating with event organisers in Spain. So even though I'm working in a Belgian company, being a native Spanish speaker is an asset here. At other companies this was often seen as an obstacle.

How did you experience the job opportunity itself?

I started out as an intern, and I really want to prove that I could do the job. Because I wanted to succeed so badly, I managed to stay on board after my internship and I got a full-time job here. That is a tip I'd like to give to people who are starting over or don't have a lot of experience (yet): being driven is the key to success!

I enjoy every day I get to be a part of the Hello Customer family. We're all different personalities, but we're a tight team. We're all motivated to realise our ambitions within the company and we get a lot of support to reach our goals!