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GDPR 101: A Short Overview of Our Efforts

May 25, 2018, the EU’s new privacy law or GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) went into effect. Simply put, this means that every company from then on out has to comply with new general privacy guidelines when it comes to collecting data from private individuals.

That is why we have to provide you with an update from Hello Customer as well. If you are willing to give us a minute, we would like to clarify which data can be collected as of now, and how Hello Customer will handle data in light of the new GDPR guidelines.

Which data do we collect?

Will it be possible for companies to keep on collecting data after GDPR? Sure it will! If you are willing to play by the rules. Implementing GDPR guidelines also offers a useful thinking exercise. By treating data in a more transparent and safer way, it becomes necessary for data controllers to ask themselves which data are really important to collect, process and use.

At Hello Customer we love to think along with our customers. That is why we provide different GDPR tools which enable data controllers to distinguish which data are the most relevant to collect.

  • We have drafted a new Data Processing Agreement (DPA) in which the data processor agrees with new GDPR guidelines. This way data can be delivered to Hello Customer in a completely legal and safe manner. This DPA has been sent out to all of our customers.
  • A GDPR checklist that lists a number of measures that can be taken in order to get all your employees on board the GDPR train.
  • An extensive Data Processing Policy document in which the GDPR process is mapped out in detail, starting from the first moment of contact with a customer.

Which measures have we taken?

We do not consider GDPR to be yet another technical formality. At Hello Customer we breathe customer centricity, and as a data processor our clients and their data are at the heart of our interests. That is why we are 100% GDPR compliant. We offer:

  • Foolproof and secure infrastructure that prevents data from being collected or spread incorrectly or from being used for wrong purposes.
  • Secure uploading methods to upload data onto the platform, being API and FTPS. 
  • A motivated team that is completely up to speed with GDPR and that will actively support you in making sure your feedback programme is 100% lawful, without limiting the potential of its insights.
  • Thanks to GDPR, private individuals have acquired rights over their data as well. They can ask for access to their data, for data to be changed or deleted. Hello Customer ensures that data controllers can fulfill these duties.
  • New features in the app, such as a retention period for all data including removal of data after this date.
  • Official documents and workflows that explain our processes in case a customer requests access to information (Data Subject Access Request) or in case of a data breach.
  • More transparent communication methods. These enable you to inform your respondents about data policy from the start, such as the possibility to include a privacy notice in the footer of the survey email (and on any other page of the survey as well for that matter).


If there are things that are still unclear about the new GDPR guidelines or our updated policy and processes, please do not hesitate to contact a member of our customer success team. They will gladly get back to you!