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Do your digital transformation efforts meet your customers’ needs?

Digital transformation accelerated in many companies over the past year. Physical customer interactions have been reduced significantly. Companies increasingly have to service their customers via digital channels. As a service company, this can be challenging. How do you know if you still reach your customers? And does the digital experience meet your customer’s needs?

Digital doesn’t mean less customer-centric

Digital transformation is hard because it impacts the entire company. In the end, it’s an organizational transformation too. It means a shift from a process-centric way of working, to a customer-centric mindset. For example, for a long time, your job as a health insurer was quite straightforward. You made sure your customer’s medical bills got paid after a doctor’s visit. You executed a process.

Today, you deliver those services via multiple channels: website, app, customer service... Your customer expects the same quality service, whether it’s digital or offline. It’s up to you to monitor and evaluate all these channels and to find out what services can be delivered digitally or in a self-service way, and where customers still want that human support.

digital customer experience
Digital customer experiences highly depend on convenience, channel flexibility,
and ease-of-use.

How do you know if you’re doing a good job?

Customer feedback is a great tool to consistently measure and optimize your services. When it comes to digital service delivery, you want the digital process to be effortless as there’s often no direct contact. You might think your self-service speaks for itself, but in the end, the service has to be easy for your customer.

When someone is on extended sick leave, they need to deliver documents to their health insurer to make sure they get sick pay. It’s important that it’s easy for your customer to upload those files, and to have them processed. But the upload fails time and again. Your customer gets contacted by 3 different people because they still haven’t received the paperwork. That’s bad service, and even worse, your customer will probably have to wait longer for their money.

It’s easy to see how processes become complex quite quickly. And if you don’t ask for feedback, you will never know. As an organization, you need to be aware of this. So, ask your customer for their honest feedback after these processes. Were they happy with the digital service? If not, what could be improved? Once you know where the issue lies, you can optimize the process. The next feedback round will show whether your changes, made a positive impact.


To wrap it up

In the digital age, convenience is key. Many processes that once happened face-to-face with your customers have shifted to online interactions. As a service provider, you need to monitor and optimize your digital processes continuously. That is not an easy feat, but customer feedback can put you well on your way.

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