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Hello Customer in action: join us for Demo Friday

Demo Friday


Join us every three weeks for ‘Demo Friday’ at Hello Customer, a free webinar event led by our Chief Technology Officer, Jonas Beullens.

Discover how we turn customer murmurs into roars of insight that streamline feedback collection, sharpen analytics, and drive impactful changes to boost satisfaction and business growth. These sessions are open to everyone! 

Join us for our next Demo Friday on June 7th, 2024!

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Why attend?

Demo Fridays are set against a backdrop of common challenges our clients face, from managing customer perceptions about pricing to enhancing the customer experience across various service points.

Each session will demonstrate our platform's capabilities and address specific issues that attendees might be grappling with, such as improving store atmosphere or understanding customer sentiments about products.

Additionally, we'll explore how our platform captures feedback through a variety of channels, ensuring comprehensive insights from every customer interaction.


The Hello Customer edge

At Hello Customer, our AI engine ISAAC transforms raw feedback into actionable insights. For over 10 years, we've been at the forefront of AI in the CX landscape to ensure that every insight we deliver is impactful.

Our platform focuses on quantifying the expected impact of your actions, providing a clear advantage in managing customer experiences. ISAAC simplifies complex data, delivering strategic actions that are specifically tailored to meet your needs.


What to expect during Demo Friday

Expect a walkthrough of Hello Customer's functionalities in each session, led by real-use cases and powered by our AI technology. Jonas will guide you through:

  • Key driver analysis: identify what to focus on to enhance customer satisfaction.

  • Deep-dive analysis: understand the 'how' and 'who' behind customer feedback.

  • Real-time alerts: set up alerts to keep your team informed about crucial feedback.

  • Custom dashboards: monitor essential metrics and track improvements over time.


Interactive and engaging

Demo Fridays are not just about watching and learning; they're about interacting and engaging. Each session offers ample opportunity to ask questions tailored to your business needs, making every webinar as relevant and beneficial as possible.

And hey, if you just want to tune in and listen, that's perfectly fine by us too!


Join us!

Ready to take your customer experience strategy to the next level? Join us for Demo Friday and see how Hello Customer can make a difference in your business. Sign up is easy—just follow this link to our Teams meeting, and you'll be all set to participate from wherever you are.