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Bringing CX in the Control Room: How Securitas affirms its market leader position using Hello Customer

Photo source: Securitas

Securitas is the global market leader in security and is active in sectors such as continuous surveillance, consulting, safety and training. They employ 320,000 people worldwide, to secure customers from the smallest shops to the largest airports. In a fiercely competitive space like security customers demand the best, especially when their safety is involved. To confidently maintain their market leader position, Securitas Belgium started using Hello Customer at the end of 2018 as a first CX effort.

They have many important touchpoints in the customer journey, but one of the most crucial ones is when the control room is notified that an alarm is going off. The control room agents get in touch with the customer to verify the alarm and decide to either diffuse or escalate the situation. Before Hello Customer, they didn't ask for any feedback. After implementing Hello Customer, the control room received actionable insights and took action in less than 6 months to improve the customer experience.

Here's how Hello Customer helps them achieve success:

1. The 2 Question Surveys

A classic Hello Customer survey contains one metric question like an NPS, CSAT or CES and only one open text question asking the respondent why they gave that score. A simple formula with big results.

"I've seen many customer satisfaction surveys in my life but none with the format that Hello Customer uses and the response rates that come with it . I love the simplicity of having just the scale and one open feedback question. People are willing and motivated to fill it in and it reflects in our response rate and the quality of the feedback. We can really get to work with the feedback we're given." says Anne Caremans, Senior Project Manager for Securitas Belgium.

Quickly capture customer feedback with Hello Customer
The classic format for Hello Customer surveys. Meaningful feedback in less than 15 seconds.

2. The Conversation Manager

"We have the platform open all the time and the customer service team strongly relies on the conversation manager to work with the incoming feedback." On the customer side, a customer service agent closes the loop personally with every detractor. The open feedback gives them a way in to have a meaningful conversation. "Internally, we debrief the control room agents and work on their skill set based on the customer feedback."

3. ISAAC - Analysis

"The scores of the customers were great, but analysis of the open feedback allowed us to identify areas to improve. We always had good satisfaction scores but thanks to the analyses of the customer comments improvement areas became actionable."

ISAAC breaks down customer feedback
ISAAC breaks down exactly what you customers have been talking about so you can take concrete action. Read more about our artificial intelligence here. (Data shown is demo data).

The result?

Concrete actions and improvements in a matter of months. Control room agents now receive extra soft skill training. The feedback showed that even though the customers liked how the situation was handled operationally, the agents could improve their empathy skills.

"We're also reworking the customer welcome brochure and communication for new customers because we weren't sure we were communicating clearly enough about what's included in the contract."

So even when you're market leader, you can't compromise on customer experience. Hello Customer is the most complete feedback platform that enables you to deliver on customer expectations.

Interested in reading the full case study? Get your copy here.