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Topic(s): Customer Centricity Metrics & Methodology

CX, There Is More Behind It Than Your Frontline Staff

Very often organisations invest in NPS or feedback programmes based on satisfaction metrics and focus all their efforts on the frontline, i.e. the customer-facing staff. And very early on in the programmes the NPS becomes part of your frontline’s bonus.

It is their job to improve the NPS. Right?

NPS is more than a people metric

By assuming this, you are convinced that your frontline teams can improve, that they can provide better service, be more friendly, more proactive and more knowledgeable. It also means that you believe the engagement of your customers depends on them. It actually means that you think your business is doing great but that it is your people who need to go an extra mile.

It may very well be the biggest mistake you can make in your CX efforts!

NPS as such is influenced by much more than service or human interaction. It's influenced by the quality of the products, the convenience of working with you, the price, the range, the aesthetics and even the weather! Do you still think it's fair to only focus NPS improvement efforts on your frontline?

hello customer blog cx frontlineCustomer Centricity is not all about prime service. It is about a customer focus company-wide. It means nailing it when it comes to operational excellence and product leadership. That includes pricing, logistics, processes, communication, and so on. What your company needs is: great products, seamless processes and great service. It's AND, AND, AND.

Focus on open feedback

NPS is a great system, giving you an overall score, a finger on the pulse of the whole. A metric you can work with. However, it is the open feedback from your customers that will tell you what it is you need to work on. Open feedback smokes out all the drivers of a good or bad NPS. With accurate and elaborate AI technology, you’ll understand where to focus on. And as we consider the data from our customers, it is very often NOT the service delivered by your staff. Again, the right AI technology will enable you to leverage other departments in your business, even the very famous back-office operations!

  •  In one example, it turns out that most negativity revolves around the collections, whereas the staff receives excellent feedback. So why would you keep on investing in new service concepts when the most basic success factor needs fixing first?
  • In another example, the frontline staff makes a target of the NPS. The aim is to increase the score with 3% by the end of the year. However, it is not the service that is the issue but the digital platforms and administration.

Do you get the gist?

What about KPIs?

Before you build any KPI system to increase CX, be sure to really understand what your drivers of hello customer blog kpissatisfaction are and which aspects require improvement. Don't assume that only the frontline is responsible for delivering great Customer Experience. If these teams already perform very well, your biggest win might be in improving processes, digital channels, product - market fit, ... .

Having the right technology to really show you the important drivers, showing you trend evolution but also enabling you to create smart KPIs on top of those drivers is crucial. With accurate technology you can create customer KPI's for NON-customer-facing roles.