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Creating a Customer-Centric Culture across the Board

In insurance or any other sector where you try to be as close to the customer as possible, your brokers play a vital role. They are the first point of contact for an end-customer and your biggest brand ambassador.

A cornerstone of Baloise’s customer centricity strategy is making sure that the broker's feedback is taken into account across the organisation and that it easily ends up with the people that can take action.

Here's how it's done using Hello Customer!

Automatic quarterly reports

Regional managers receive an automatic report every quarter to keep a close eye on the feedback provided by their brokers. They only receive the feedback provided by the brokers they are responsible for, keep track of their evolution and stay motivated by seeing the positive open feedback. If there’s an issue, the open feedback and metadata enable them to close the loop in an efficient way.



Team leaders who aren’t customer-facing are kept up to date via notifications about their area of expertise. Hello Customer can create a weekly digest based on our AI categories so everyone can keep a close eye on what’s relevant for their team, like product information. At Baloise, multiple teams discuss feedback in their team meetings and take action accordingly.

Hello Customer notifications

Controlled Access

One step further is giving employees access to the platform so they can respond to feedback, view their dashboards and analyze feedback using our AI. The platform admin can select the touchpoints people have access to and what their permissions are.
The outcome? Their highest NPS℠ yet!
“There’s an upward trend for all our touchpoints, but that has never been our main focus. We don’t want our teams to be competing for the highest score. The most important thing is that everyone can access customer feedback, take action, and make the experience even better.” - Gert Vanuytsel


Interested in reading the full story from Baloise? You can get your free copy of the case study here