4 basic principles to create the ultimate CX!

There are three ways to distinguish oneself from other organizations:

  • You are the cheapest,
  • You are the best (and probably the most expensive),
  • Or you position yourself somewhere in between.

Most companies find themselves in the third scenario. This category, too, has its winners, as companies receive their awards by offering consumers an amazing experience, making them shout the company’s name from the rooftops or getting it tattooed on their body.


We are all familiar with these super fans, willingly advertising a company to anyone that wants to listen. It should be every company’s goal to turn satisfied customers into passionate promoters. Unfortunately, there is no ‘one size fits all’ manual, containing tips and tricks to create an amazing CX, for every company and every industry.

There are, however, four simple guidelines to which every organization can give its own interpretation, illustrated below with a couple of examples.

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