How it works

Continuously and in the moment listening to your customers, getting the right insights and follow-up is as easy as saying Hello with Hello Customer.

Choose specific interactions with your customers to monitor

You can monitor as many key moments in your customer journey as you like! A purchase in store or online, a consultation, a call to your customer service department, ... . Start getting continuous feedback on these key moments now.




 Not sure which customer interactions to monitor?  We've a workshop for that!  

Create a two-question survey

Nobody likes endlessly long surveys and let’s break it to you: they don’t often result in actionable results and insights. Instead, only ask 2 questions:

An NPS question

Ask your customers to score your product, store or service on a scale of 0 to 10. It’s as easy as that! So... what's NPS? .
NPS Question - Net Promoter Score

An open-ended question

Discover the “why” behind the score and let your customers speak freely about what’s on their mind.
Open-ended question - Net Promoter Score

Tell us which customers to survey

You can do this manually, which we don't recommend. Let your CRM do the work!

Import Customers Manually

Enter your customers one by one through our editor.

Import customers with Excel or CSV file
Upload an Excel or CSV file

Automatically let your CRM send us an excel file via e-mail or FTP. Hello Customer will take it from there.

Import customers CRM via API
Connect your CRM via API

Via our API you can let the feedback and insights also flow back into your CRM!

And choose your favorite medium

Question customers via E-mail


E-mail is still the most used medium to reach out to customers. It's a highly effective way of communicating, giving response rates between 15% and 45%! How we get these high response rates? Smart design of the survey flow does the trick.

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Question customers via SMS

Text message

You have mobile phone numbers? Great! You can reach out to your customers via text messages. It's a great way of getting really real-time feedback.

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Question customers via iPad (In-store)

In-store iPad

When you don't have customer data or you want to get feedback from peope who don't buy at your store, you can work with our in-store iPad app. It will also allow you to gather customer data along the way.

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Question customers via website pop-up

Website pop-up

Gaining insight into the digital journey is becoming increasingly important. Monitor your corporate website or e-commerce by adding a pop-up at some point in your digital journey. It's a as easy as copy pasting a small javascript code snippet into your website!

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Want to know which medium works best for your company? Let's talk! 

Watch feedback come in in real-time

When someone answers the question, the feedback will be visible instantly in the dashboards.


Veronique Devos

Extremely helpful girl at the fitting rooms! She kept running around the store in order to find the perfect items for my body shape.


Eva Mertens

I usually don’t visit that often because for me (I’m on a tight budget) it’s a bit too expensive, but the sales were incredible and the personnel was friendly even though I didn’t have much to spend!


Katrien Dewaele

I usually visit because of the colorful kids collection, but find it very pricy.

Consult insightful analytics

At the heart of Hello Customer is the powerful text analysis engine able to deliver intelligent and useful insights from your customers' open feedback.

The NPS Dashboard
NPS dashboard

Monitor your NPS score in real-time and over time. See evolutions, benchmark and compare with your customer segments, locations, ...

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Open Feedback and sentiment insights
Open feedback and sentiment insights

Fully understand the drivers of your NPS score. Your customers are giving you the answer. Our powerful text engine will get you the insights.

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Customer insights per department
Customer insights per department

With Hello Customer you can break down NPS and insights to department level, providing you a comprehensive ranking and evolution.

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Receive monthly reports

No need to continuously log in to the dashboard. Hello Customer serves up reports by e-mail on different levels of the organisation. A department can get a report specified for their performance, while at management level a helicopter view is provided.

The management report

Get your overall scores, evolution and trends. Do you have stores or departments? Our report will create a ranking and show you evolution in that ranking!
Management Report - Hello Customer

The department report

Involve your shop managers or regional managers. They gain insight into their own NPS, evolution and their position in the overall ranking. The report focuses on the positive feedback, making it a motivational and fun e-mail to receive.
Department report - Hello Customer

Good to know: increase store performance with department analytics. Learn more 

Enable instant notifications and alerts

Hello Customer is meant to be actionable. When a customer gives you a bad score, you should be able to respond instantly. Hello Customer boasts notifications that work real-time and enables you to respond to customers' feedback both individually and automated.

Email notification - Bad Customer Feedback
When a bad score is given

Hello Customer can send you real-time alerts whenever you receive a bad score from a customer. This allows you to rectify a problem before your customer publishes their bad experience to friends or via social media.

Follow up notification
When follow-up is needed

The tool allows you to forward feedback to somebody within the organisation. Perhaps a colleague is better fitted or more experienced to handle certain issues or deal with certain feedback.

Take action

Getting the alerts is one thing. Following up on bad scores immediately is creating opportunity to turn a dissatisfied customer around. Acting on promotors may activate them to truly start promoting you.

Respond to feedback individually

With Hello Customer you can interact with your customers individually when needed. Reaching out for feedback is great. Engaging with your customers is even more powerful.

  • Respond to feedback individually

    You can reply to each customer individually, dealing with their question, helping them with an issue or simply thanking them for their great feedback.

  • Set automated replies

    If you get too much feedback to handle individually quickly, you can set auto-responses. The auto-responses can be completely tailored to specific scores. You can sent personalised text mails or full HTML e-mails.

Find out how we can help advance your customer experience!

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