From knowing to understanding your customers

It's about more than gathering data

Thanks to the internet, social media, big data... businesses know more about their customers each day. However, at the same time, they don't really know who they are. They don't understand their customers. Organisations know what their customers buy but they don't know why

The need of a fundamental shift is emerging. If organisations want to retain customers, they need to start understanding them, and capture their wishes and thoughts, and go beyond age / sex / location. Customer demographics are becoming less clear. So the need for a fundamental shift is emerging. In order to retain customers, they not only need to know their customers — they need to understand them!

In this white paper we'll discuss:

  • How you can use data from CRM systems to enrich your customer knowledge
  • Why it's important to ask why a customer gave a particular feedback
  • Why customer centricity isn't a buzzword but an economic necessity
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