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Customer centricity starts with your employees. As obvious as this sounds, it is often overlooked when trying to transform an organisation. It's people interacting with people, be it in a point of sales, through an online interface, or on the phone. People drive interaction, people make or break an experience..

Stimulating customer centricity
starts with spreading positivity

People make the difference, it's where any change should start.

  • Our research shows that 73% of all customer feedback is people-related
  • An HBR study indicates that moving forward brand value will continue to decline, and customer relationships will grow in importance
  • People thrive on positive feedback
Customer service team celebrating good feedback
People thriving on good feedback

Share positive feedback instantly

Creating a customer centric culture is more than trying to solve what is wrong. It's most of all celebrating all the things you do right. When a customer compliments you, share it with all of your employees to send a wave of positivity through your entire company.

Positivity creates a better customer centric climate, as it evokes a feeling of goodwill from your staff. They'll be more eager to solve issues, and they'll see negative feedback as an opportunity to do better.

Sales assistant reading nice feedback from a customer
Team discussing best practises

Capture best practices


As an organisation you need to have real-time info on the performance of your staff. Data shows that there is a high correlation between revenue growth and great experience across service, concept, variety, and staff.

By listening to your customers and observing the trends across points of sales, employees and departments, you get the unique opportunity to capture the best practices and to know exactly where improvement is needed.

Test new service concepts with A/B splits

We know that many organisations are rethinking their points of sales and are trying out new concepts, services and designs. However, these try-outs are never company-wide. Including real-time customer feedback in the process, you have the opportunity to create A/B tests to find out which service concepts are being received well and which should be eliminated.


A new service concept in a shop

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