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Insights by ISAAC

Isaac loves finding stuff in data. It's our Artificial Intelligence that makes sense of all your data for you

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ISAAC Feedback Analysis

Industry specific key trends from feedback

Trained in several specific industries, ISAAC understands the specific contexts of the feedback coming from customers. 

It will automatically categorise all of the feedback into the business aspects key to your industry. Due to this focus, it can do this with an unparallelled accuracy of 93%.

This makes ISAAC truly unique in the text analytics and Natural Language Processing space. Behind it is a team of clever Data Scientists at Hello Customer and the University of Ghent.

Ceci n'est pas une text analyses tool

ISAAC is so much more...

AI driven

It's intelligent

ISAAC does not just crunch text and show word clouds, it is able to understand and predict what individual feedback is about. 


Positive or Negative

ISAAC is trained to estimate the customer's sentiment when he or she wrote something.


15 languages

Especially interesting in continental Europe, ISAAC is known to be multilingual.

See trend evolution

Follow the changes in what customers talk about

When you make changes or take action based on the feedback, you have to be able to follow the trends and see if there is evolution. 

If you have invested heavily in training to increase the level of proactivity, you can see if people are actually talking about it more or less and in which sentiment.

Customised frameworks

You can teach ISAAC anything!

Industries it doesn't know yet, organisation-specific contexts and even new languages can be trained. We can offer ISAAC as an empty container specific for your organisation or context. 


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