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Conversation manager

All feedback is an opportunity to engage with your customers, so do it as much as you can.

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Gather feedback via different channels

From feedback to conversation

Solve issues and engage happy customers

When you ask for open and honest feedback, customers pay you a courtesy if they give it to you. The very act of them doing so is a token of their goodwill, especially when the feedback was negative.

With our conversation manager, you can engage further with customers in conversation, work with colleagues to solve customer issues and prioritise follow-ups. 

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Get real-time alerts throughout the organisation

Get real-time alerts throughout the organisation

Reply to customers individually

Reply to customers individually

Follow conversations and work together to solve issues

Follow conversations and work together to solve issues

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The conversation manager in detail

A user-friendly inbox

Treat all feedback as a customer reply

Managing the feedback in Hello Customer is as easy as managing a simple inbox. You can see the feedback come in in real-time. 

The inbox was designed as a feature to follow up on customers, and to take action instead of just reading the feedback. This allows you to take the action needed, to see the progress and the status of various customer replies. 

User-friendly inbox
Replies and internal notes

Follow conversation threads

See all replies and internal notes in one thread

Sometimes a customer case is not solved immediately. A conversation gets going and you might even want to include a colleague in the dialogue. 

With our conversation threads, you can follow all actions, notes and replies in chronological order. 

Organise your inbox

Never forget a follow-up

The conversation manager is equipped with typical follow-up and organisational features such as the possibility to flag a customer reply as important, a personal folder for all customers you are personally corresponding with, a status update. 

This way you can prioritise, dispatch and solve cases when it is really required.

Follow up on all feedback
Tag your feedback to organise

Feedback tagger

Create your own trends

Most organisations are fortunate to have mostly positive feedback. That means that especially in the early days of gathering feedback, it's difficult for any text analysis system to make sense of the negative feedback. 

Exactly because negative feedback is usually the smallest portion of your data, we give you the opportunity to create your own 'bad trends'-categorisation.

BETA - Public reviews

Share your customers' feedback with the world with our public review feature.

Our brand new review platform allows you to turn NPS scores into star ratings and broadcast them on a publish page that can be accessible from your own website or webshop. 

Great feedback is a great lever to convince prospective customers to buy from you. There is no bigger proof of your trustworthiness. 


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