Investigate feedback signals and optimize problem solving

Once you are aware of friction, the root cause analysis helps you narrow down
the problem so you can tackle it with ease and precision.

find the root cause using your metadata

Localize the root cause

Large enterprises cover multiple regions, customer segments, and services. To effectively tackle negative experiences, you need to know what segments are affected. 

Link operational and metadata (stores, customer segments, agent names) to every respondent and use our metadata filters to localize the issue in your products, processes, or team performance. 

Why is this important?
Hello Customer benchmark by location

Track team performance

In face-to-face customer experience, your frontline teams are the MVPs. Identify the best and worst-performing stores or branches, distill best practices from the top of your leaderboard and find out what makes a winning team.

Engage your teams on a daily basis by sending weekly reports of their customer feedback. 

How feedback empowers your sales teams

Value of a good root cause analysis

Optimize spending

Spend your resources on the root cause of the problem, not the symptoms.

Act fast

Well-defined problems are easier to resolve. Know what to tackle and act swiftly.

Tailor solutions

No need to overhaul all processes when just one customer segment is affected. Discover your target group, and adjust your solution.
bring everyone up to date with reports

Break internal silos

For those long-term projects, we enable you to have breakthrough conversations with the movers and shakers in every business area.

Our department feedback filters are customized to your industry so you can have relevant conversations with every department head and discuss their progress in putting the customer first. 

How we help you take action