Ongoing support
for CX success

The Customer Success team is there for you every step of the way. They make sure your CX-programme is set up and maintained in the right way, from a strategic and an operational point of view.

Our proven onboarding process

We want to guarantee a smooth and scalable onboarding. Once we get started, the programme will be up and running in no time, so you immediately can start capturing feedback.

A client partner will help you determine the strategic goals:

  • How you can embed Hello Customer within your business
  • Help you set the scene and scope of the programme
  • Support you in mapping out the customer journey

From an operational point of view, the Onboarding & Insights manager will provide you with guidance for the technical set-up for the platform and will create the first touchpoint with you. We also have an e-learning platform at your disposal so you can easily scale the project to other teams, department or divisions.

Ongoing support

We understand that a CX programme is a game of change that requires the right follow-up. Your client partner will regularly check-in on you to look for improvements, and to guide and inform you on how you can get the most out of the tool.

During the first check-in, the Onboarding & Insights manager will do a demo of the platform with your own data. You will see the results for yourself and will know how to look for interesting insights. 

Our Customer Communications Manager makes sure you get an overall good customer experience from our end too. That includes:

  • Proactively getting you up-to-date about new platform and feature releases.
  • Deep-dive e-learnings if you want to use the platform in a more advanced way.
  • Setting up customer events where you get to share experiences.

You will always be helped quickly and efficiently when you reach out to customer support.