Customer Feedback Management for Subscription Services

How we help subscription services drive revenue using feedback

Discover what
drives conversion

Know exactly what makes a trial convert, replicate your success and drive revenue.

Customer Lifetime Value

Ask for feedback across the customer journey, empower your customer service teams and keep customers onboard.

Optimize your
product offering

Monitor the needs of your customers, deliver just what they're waiting for, and increase your market share.
Subscription conversion funnel

Discover what converts

Trial periods are a much-favored conversion tool for products in a subscription model, whether you are B2B software or a streaming service. 

Knowing exactly what makes a customer convert or cancel is key to replicate your success. Whether the reason lies in with your offering, ease-of-use, or additional services, we highlight where your strengths and weaknesses lie so you can adjust, improve and drive revenue. 


Stay competitive through feedback

Increase CLTV, powered by feedback

It always stings when a customer doesn't renew or cancels a contract. Using feedback insights, the cancellation could have been avoided all along. 

Asking for open feedback along the customer journey allows you to tap into the mind of the customer along the way and makes it easier for customer service teams to have meaningful conversations with unsatisfied customers. 

How we help you fight churn case by case
Optimize subscription service offering

Optimize your product offering

Monitoring your customer's product interests and preferences is key to meeting their ever-changing expectations. Retain or increase your market share by being able to offer the feature, content, or service customers are waiting for. 
Customer feedback has the insights you need and with our root-cause analysis, you can consider differences across local demographics and customer segments.
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