Improving customer experience in B2B

Hello Customer for B2B companies

B2B customer journeys can be long and complex. As your customer's expectations and priorities shift throughout their customer lifetime, you need to be their partner through all of it. Monitor and manage the customer journey through feedback, and take targeted actions to optimize their experience.

We help B2B companies drive revenue
through customer feedback

Manage satisfaction along the customer journey

Monitor your moments of truth and detect friction in internal processes to keep your customers happy throughout their journey.

Optimize your product and service offering

Keep track of the ever-changing needs of your customers and expand your offering to service customers end-to-end.

Improve sales performance

Open feedback helps to create compelling sales arguments and tailor sales coaching so your reps can build trusted relationships.

Fight churn
in real-time

Churn is a crucial KPI in B2B. Respond to urgent feedback and de-escalate any pressing issues to increase customer retention over time.

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remove friction from the customer journey

Manage satisfaction along the customer journey

Successful B2B companies know their customer's moments of truth and manage to maintain a high level of satisfaction at any point in the customer journey to increase retention over time. 

With Hello Customer, you can capture open feedback along the customer journey to identify what drives or hurts satisfaction. Our AI-powered insights let you detect where inefficient back-end processes hurt the customer so you can resolve issues quickly and effectively. 

optimize your product and service offering

Optimize your product and service offering

Monitoring your customer's product interests and preferences is key to meeting their ever-changing expectations. Improve customer retention by being able to offer the feature or service your customers are waiting for
Customer feedback has the insights you need to discover new customer needs or to learn where to improve current services and products. By combining open feedback with customer data you already own, you can consider differences across customer segments.

Learn how Qualiphar uses feedback insights to improve B2B sales

"Hello Customer provides us actionable insights into how our customers perceive strategic changes and it helps us to improve and build long-standing relationships between sales reps and pharmacists."

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Improve sales performance in B2B

Improve sales performance

Customer feedback helps sales teams sell more effectively as the open feedback uncovers how the product adds value for different customer segments. The perfect inspiration for compelling sales arguments. 

Likewise, open feedback helps sales managers get insights into the sales approach from every sales rep, making it easy to tailor coaching. Close the loop and share feedback with your reps so they know where to improve to build long-term relationships.

How we help you achieve your goals

depth of analysis

Depth of analysis

Our AI analysis reaches an industry-leading accuracy so you can make changes with confidence.
speed to value

Speed to value

Intuitive configuration and fast no-code implementation so you can collect feedback from the get-go with immediate qualitative insights.
built around your business

Built around your business

Set up teams that reflect the structure of your organization, measure your most meaningful touchpoints, and personalize dashboards and insights for different user levels.

Fight churn in real-time

Keeping churn to a minimum is a crucial KPI in B2B. That's why we enable you with everything you need to proactively manage the relationship with your customers.

We separate feedback that contains urgent questions and with the Conversation Manager you can reach out in a flash. We provide easy integrations with your CRM, including a native connection to Salesforce, so you have all account information in one place.