The Hello Customer Approach

A simple four step process to put customer experience into action.

hello customer metrics and channels
hello customer open feedback
hello customer additional questions

Capture feedback at scale

Capture open and unstructured feedback with the Hello Customer feedback engine.

Capture multichannel feedback using the best-known metrics

Use the traditional metrics as you know them (NPS, CES, CSAT) across various channels (URL, QR, e-mail, WhatsApp, SMS) along the customer journey.

Learn more about metrics

Open feedback, the real conversation starter

Our feedback engine makes it easier than ever to ask for honest, open feedback. Get back to customers instantly to thank them or follow up in person if an issue requires a more human touch.

Asking for more

Need some more information after the open feedback? No worries, you can easily add extra questions like a yes/no question, multiple choice or a ten-point scale.

hello customer operational and experience data
hello customer turn data into golden insights
hello customer dashboard
hello customer benchmarking

We make sense of it

Our powerful artificial intelligence makes sense of all the data you collected and turns it into actionable insights, presented in crystal clear reports.

Bringing experience and operational data together

Feedback only becomes actionable if you put it into context. Add operational data to the platform to pinpoint drivers of customer experience.

Turning your data into golden insights

Our AI turns your unstructured open feedback into multi-level categories and positive/negative sentiment. Enriched with your operational data, you'll truly understand what drives your customers and employees.

How does our A.I. work?

Reports & dashboards

Whether you want your results presented in an off-the-shelve report or like to build more advanced dashboards for different kinds of users, we’ve got you covered.

Benchmark your results

Know where you stand by benchmarking your open feedback results, based on metrics, sentiment scores or categories.

hello customer employee engagement
hello customer identity and access management

Engage your organisation

Customer culture requires everyone’s involvement. 

Engage your entire organisation

Make your entire company part of the process by:

  • Dispatching individual feedback instantly or periodically
  • Letting our AI create the right insights for the right role or team
  • Listening to your employees and using their knowledge and ideas as a source of community insights.
More on employee engagement

The right tools to stay in control

Thanks to our flexible Identity & Access Management you can easily stay in control. Give access based on roles or geographic location or add relevant data for specific departments within the company.

We empower you to act

Now it’s up to you. With Hello Customer by your side you’ll feel safe to act. Keep the feedback process going and measure taken actions to evaluate the impact and results. If you’re looking for more specific expertise, we know the right partners to take it to the next level.