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Cases Café Royal

Delivering an excellent online ordering experience

To evaluate the performance of our web shop, we use Hello Customer to capture feedback at different stages of the online customer journey. This helps us to guarantee a qualitative customer experience at each interaction point.
Matthieu Bonelli
Customer Experience Project Lead
Industry Food production & E-commerce

About Café Royal

Café Royal are part of Delica/Migros, which is the largest retail company in Switzerland. Café Royal have been active online with a B2C online shop since 2018. They want to know how their customers perceive the full process of ordering online until delivery, in order to optimize their ordering process and better respond to customer needs.

Their challenges:

  1. Café Royal did not collect enough customer feedback and data, making it difficult to know if they were investing in the right things for the customer.

  2. Café Royal wants to dispatch feedback as much as possible in the organization, all the way to the CEO. They want to make sure that everyone is doing their part to improve the customer experience.

  3. Café Royal wants to collect offline customer feedback as they also sell their products in supermarkets. They want to offer a consistent customer experience both online and offline.
Thanks to a high feedback response rate of 40% we discovered the true pain points of our customers after only one month. We started a project to improve our online ordering process to make our customers even happier with the delivery of their orders.
Matthieu Bonelli
Customer Experience Project Lead

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How Café Royal uses Hello Customer to resolve their challenges

1. Linking feedback and operational data

Café Royal did not have enough customer data to indicate their key customer pain points. With Hello Customer, they collect feedback on the customer experience, which they link to operational data in their CRM. Now they can pinpoint which processes are failing and where. And what problem that creates for the customer.

For their online ordering process, it was difficult to make the right investments in improvements.“ Through customer service, a number of complaints had come in about the delivery time of orders. Despite adjustments to the process, we saw no immediate improvement in our CSAT score,” says Matthieu Bonelli. With Hello Customer, Café Royal was able to reach more customers, and they collected more feedback with response rates up to 40%. To their own surprise, the feedback taught them that delivery time was only an issue for a few customers. The majority of customers were satisfied with the delivery. The real problem was the expiration date, which was being exceeded too quickly.

2. Share feedback throughout organisation

Thanks to Hello Customer, Café Royal collects open, unstructured feedback, immediately after the customer interaction. Thanks to the accuracy of artificial intelligence, the coffee brand gains valuable insights for every layer of the organization.

“To create buy-in and awareness about the importance of the customer, we share the right feedback with the relevant teams. We don’t just share scores, but real customer feedback. This is also reported to the highest level. I regularly present the key pain points to the top 30-40 people in the organization. One time a customer had a really bad experience, and he had rightly shared that feedback with us. I read the feedback out loud. Everyone was surprised that a customer could still have such a bad experience at Café Royal. The CEO himself immediately asked all the teams involved to fix the problem as soon as possible. That’s the power of feedback at Café Royal.”


3. Flexible touchpoints and survey methods 

In order to evaluate the performance of the webshop, Café Royal asks for feedback at different moments in the customer journey. “We want to consistently provide a quality experience, at every interaction moment. That’s why we conducted 3 CSAT (Customer Satisfaction) surveys at different touchpoints. We choose CSAT because it specifically gauges the satisfaction with a certain process, and less with satisfaction in general. This way we can easily evaluate the performance of the different e-commerce processes. After the purchase there is also a CES (Customer Effort Score) survey to know how customers experience the online purchasing process. It is important that this is as effortless as possible.”

In physical stores, Café Royal uses a QR code on their products to collect feedback. “We have a touchpoint to capture product feedback after offline purchase. The customer then scans the code on the product itself. A large part of our sales are still done offline through supermarkets. That’s why it’s important to collect customer feedback not only online.”

Business results

  1. High response rates. With Hello Customer, Café Royal achieves response rates of up to 40%. This gives them better insights into the pain points for different customer segments.
  2. More targeted investments. Based on feedback, Café Royal saw that investments in a faster delivery time were not necessary, but in the shelf life of the coffee was.
  3. Improvements to lifecycle management. Meanwhile, Café Royal surveys their customers at 5 different touchpoints to monitor customer satisfaction from start to finish. In this way, they are gradually improving their processes with the customer in mind.
  4. Linking business KPIs to feedback. Café Royal uses customer dashboards to KPIs such as employee performance, conversion and customer retention. They link these to feedback: how often is a specific process mentioned? Based on this feedback, they organize workshops so that employees can solve issues and communicate clearly with the customer.
  5. Close the loop. Café Royal has an online feedback page where customers can fill in an NPS survey at any time. There they also communicate with the customer which improvements based on their feedback.
40% Response rate to open feedback
550 Employees
550 billion Cups of coffee sold worldwide each year
355 million € Total revenue

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