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Our CEO nominated for 'Female Entrepreneur of the Year'!

Freya Langendries Posted by Freya Langendries on January 21, 2019

Our CEO nominated for 'Female Entrepreneur of the Year'!


More and more women are taking the lead as CEO of a company. Women are certainly not afraid of tough sectors either. A culture change - and especially performance - that deserves a round of applause. Entrepreneurship with 'a female touch' is an enrichment for the economy. Women can run their own business just as well as men, or do even better so. With the WOMED Award, Markant VZW and UNIZO want to applaud female entrepreneurship every year. WOMED stands for WOMen in Enterprise and Development. The award is a crowning achievement for inspiring female leadership that wants to encourage other women to take the leap to start their own business. 

The three nominees for the WOMED Award title are now known. The final winners will be chosen, among other things, by means of a public vote, which runs until 31 January at www.womedaward.be. The presentation of this special 20th WOMED Award will take place on 27 February in BEL Brussels.

These are the three finalists for the 'WOMED Award' title:

* Leslie Cottenjé of Hello Customer, from Damme

* Marleen De Vijt of Azull, from Schilde

* Mieke Frijters of ATF - De juiste weg, from Antwerp-Zandvliet

Three WOMED Award finalists with a strong story

When selecting the nominees for the WOMED Award title, the jury will always look for ambitious, inspiring stories from women with a vision, with innovation and decisiveness. In short, strong entrepreneurial stories, from women who persevere and therefore succeed. Not only in so-called 'female sectors' - a cliché that fortunately is increasingly being overtaken by the facts - but also in sectors that are sometimes persistently labelled 'male'. This year's three finalists illustrate in a magnificent way how women can successfully run a company even in 'tough' sectors. Meet Marleen De Vijt, Mieke Frijters and our very own Leslie Cottenjé.

Leslie Cottenjé

"Leslie Cottenjé is the CEO of technology company Hello Customer, which offers 'software as a service' to large organisations. Over the past three years it has grown into a company with 20 employees. Hello Customer is the intelligent CX solution that helps companies become truly customer-focused thanks to artificial intelligence that analyses customer feedback and spreads insights throughout the organisation in a targeted way."

Marleen De Vijt

"Over the past ten years, Marleen De Vijt has developed her company Azull into the Belgian market leader in Spanish real estate. Integrity and expertise are the key concepts. Its growth SME with 17 employees is constantly looking for new challenges and innovation."

Mieke Frijters

"Mieke Frijters is in charge of ATF - the right way, a tough family business with 100 employees, specialized in road, sewer and earthworks, recycling of road construction materials and soil remediation. Customers are, among others, the Flemish authorities and municipalities, the (petro-)chemical industry and companies in and around the port of Antwerp."

For more details and the voting form, please visit www.womedaward.be



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