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Not ready for Customer Feedback? Think again!

Leslie Cottenje Posted by Leslie Cottenje on October 29, 2017

Not ready for Customer Feedback? Think again!

At Hello Customer we've implemented quite a few feedback programs for our clients. We've also come across plenty of organizations who said they weren't ready for it. Ironically, those reasons are actually exactly why they — and you — should start collecting customer feedback. At your own pace, but do it nevertheless.

1. We don't have a CRM yet

This is probably the number one reason for not getting started with a feedback program. Yes, it’s true: many organizations still don't have a good CRM. Never mind! This is the most perfect moment - ever - to get started with a customer feedback program. It allows you to at least get a feel of who your customers are, why they come to you and why they like you (or don’t).

And I know, you can't email or message them, but you can open other feedback channels, allowing your customers the opportunity to speak their mind. It's the easiest way to at least start gathering data from your customers. Even more, I think starting with a feedback program will give you a unique and more authentic perspective of your customers than any traditional CRM.

2. We already have too much on our plate

The pressure is high, there are many different challenges and projects. And yes, starting a customer feedback program takes time and effort as well, whereas so many things are already eating your time away.

However, you need to bite the bullet now, because a decent feedback program is as automated as it can be. As a huge plus: you can then learn from what customers say which projects you need to focus on and which should be killed. Improved time and resource management!

3. Our employees don't really care that much, we can't motivate them

We hear this kind of reasons as well and that is such a shame, because just as often, or even more often, we see employee teams change as soon as they read real-time and live feedback from actual customers. Unfiltered. We see eyes light up when a customer sends a positive note. We see concern when a bad experience occurred. So, do you wait for your staff to be motivated? Or do you help them to get motivated by sharing all that great feedback from your customers? We see from data across industries that feedback is commonly positive and constructive!

 4. We want to increase our level of customer experience first

That's like: let's lose a bit of weight first before standing on a scale. What happens next is that you feed yourself that same line everyday (trust me, I've been there...) and in the end nothing happens. Whereas, if you get on that scale, you instantly have that initial measure, that drives you to do better the next day.

So, are you procrastinating?

If you can relate to any or more of these 'not-yet'-reasons, that's ok. It's a very human thing. We tend to wait for the best possible moment. Just remember that the best possible moment is whenever you decide it is. The sooner you learn what your customers think, feel and perceive, the sooner you can take the right steps towards customer centricity.

Start the 'try now, make mistakes, learn, and improve - cycle'

Each day that passes by without gathering this priceless customer data is a day lost. Each day without positive feedback, is an opportunity missed to motivate an employee. Each day without channelling negative comments and fixing customer issues is a day where you lose sales and customer loyalty. Each day without the voice of your customer resonating throughout the business is a day further away from that ideal culture: customer centricity.

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