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Release notes: June 2018

Robin Berthier Posted by Robin Berthier on July 16, 2018

Release notes: June 2018

As we continue to improve Hello Customer, we bundle our fixes, improvements and new features in our Release Notes. If you would like to see an overview of our updates, take a look at our Change Log. Here’s a roundup of everything we’ve released in the last month.

New notification email

In order to keep personal data of your stakeholders safe and to keep you GDPR-compliant, we removed personal data from our notification emails. We created a secured landing page that is accessible from the notification emails with all the details about feedback that needs your attention.

2018-06-25 14_33_16-Notification

Add default dashboards-button (Analysis Pro)

When using the Custom Dashboard (Analysis Pro module only), you can now create your first dashboard with one click! This way you can quickly set off with a default set of widgets and configure your dashboard later.


New Feedback Engine: 6x faster!

We entirely rebuild the Feedback Engine and now it works up to 6x faster. But what does that entail for you? It means that emails are dealt with and sent faster, that you can process bigger files and that the basis of our app is ready for new features that will be released in the future (for example: ISAAC Chat). 

Automatic creation of new departments

Good news! From now on, you don't have to worry about adding new departments to your departments' structure! When an unknown department is mentioned with the feedback that is coming in, the platform will create the department automatically for you (a department can be a store, an office,...). This feature is interesting for for example retailers and particularly for contact centers. (For users: you only have to move it into its correct position, should that be necessary).

Collapse all Real-Time Department Ranking

Comfort: here we go. Within the Analysis Pro we added a new feature to the "Real-Time Department Ranking" that enables you to see everything in just one click. No need anymore to click on every department individually.

Multi Touchpoint Quarantine Period: part of Feedback Engine Pro

You requested, we deliver! It is now possible to combine touchpoints into a group and set a general Quarantine Period for the respondents uploaded to any of those touchpoints. All touchpoints are connected, so if a client buys online, in a physical store or calls someone from customer service, all these touhpoints will be automatically connected to each other in one group. In that way, you will never over-survey your stakeholders again!

2018-06-25 14_13_21-Hello Customer - Understand _ Engage _ Act

As Hello Customer focusses on innovation, we want to inform you that we are elaborating on the "Multi Touchpoint Quarantine Period" feature. In the future we will launch a "conversation flow", "ISAAC Chat" and "Customer Journey Views". Are you interested in one of these features? Or do you want to know if you're licensed for these features? Contact one of Hello Customer's Success Managers for more information.


Do you have more suggestions to help us further improve our platform?  Let us know!

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