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Creating a seamless customer feedback process with Hello Customer

Customers expect a seamless, unified experience when doing business with you. So, why should your customer feedback process not be seamless and unified? You can integrate the Hello Customer platform with any of your existing systems, to combine customer feedback with other customer data, or to trigger surveys automatically after an interaction.


Why should you integrate your systems with Hello Customer?

Capturing feedback is one step forward to creating a successful customer experience program. However, it’s not enough. To better understand your customer feedback and enrich your decision-making, you should integrate your systems and connect your feedback data to your operational data from those systems. According to a Forbes survey, over 80% of enterprise Business Operations leaders say data integration is critical to ongoing operations. So, what exactly makes it so important?

By integrating our platform with your systems, you get a complete, company-wide overview of your customer experience, which allows you to better understand the motives behind the feedback and link the feedback to customer demographics. For example, Luminus, one of our customers, incorporated their results from our platform into their CRM. So, when a customer reaches out, the employees can track when the customer was last surveyed and how they felt about the company back then. This way, the employees at Luminus can personalize their customer contact, and improve the overall customer experience.

You can act proactively and won't risk lagging behind. Because all systems are integrated, trigger actions are sent automatically. It will also save you and your employees valuable time: since operational data is centralized and exchanged automatically, business processes can be carried out quicker. Reporting between teams becomes more efficient because you eliminate workflow siloes and align every team’s activity. Let's not forget that customer experience is a team effort that spans over all your departments.

All put together, integrating the platform with your other systems will make your life easier. As a result, you can make calculated strategic decisions, backed up by the combination of your own data and the customer feedback.


How Hello Customer integrates

For the most part, integrations between Hello Customer and other platforms happen through APIs. An integration with an API (application programming interface) is the connection between two or more applications via their APIs that allow systems to communicate. APIs are the tools that allow organizations to automate systems, enhance the seamless sharing of data, and integrate current applications. For data connection we also use FTPS besides APIs which ensures a secure and seamless data transfer.


Which platforms connect to Hello Customer?

We understand you already have enough platforms and systems to manage. But we are not here to give your IT team even more work, on the contrary. Our integrations include CRM systems (Salesforce), ticketing systems (Zendesk, Freshdesk), survey tools (SurveyMonkey, Typeform), feedback and behavior platforms (Usabilla, Hotjar), and other external platforms (Zapier, Google Tag Manager).


  • CRM systems

CRMs are a goldmine of customer data from which your customer feedback strategy can benefit. The data from your CRM is metadata and respondent data for our feedback platform. Customer feedback data and customer data from your CRM form the perfect alliance: all this centralized multi-channel data combined gives you more insight into your customer records to close the loop on your processes.

One way Hello Customer integrates with Salesforce is by triggering surveys when certain actions are completed: after a campaign for a webinar or event, when a case or a contract is closed. Unlike some other system integrations, the one with CRMs and Hello Customers works both ways: your CRM adds customer data in our customer feedback platform and the feedback data from the surveys circles back to your CRM. This creates a complementary loop, from which both platforms can improve.

We use open APIs to connect with CRMs, but the integration with Salesforce in Hello Customer is already taken care of, since it’s an out-of-the box solution which only requires a few configuration steps.


  • Ticketing systems

Customer service and customer experience regularly get mixed up. They are not the same, but they do go hand in hand.

For example, if you connect Hello Customer with Zendesk, you can automatically send a follow-up survey when a ticket is closed. You can add a URL in your e-mail to create an Ask Anywhere Touchpoint. The connection between Hello Customer and Zendesk allows you to close the loop: when a respondent fills in a survey, the response will be compared to a ticket in Zendesk, based on data like the ticket number or the email address. When it corresponds, the feedback will be added to the ticket. Did you receive a low score or negative feedback? Then Zendesk receives an internal note and opens the ticket. Et voilà, a closed loop.

  • Survey tools

Even though our platform has its own survey tool, it’s also possible to connect your data from other survey tools, such as SurveyMonkey and Typeform. Since our platform offers an end-to-end solution, you can add feedback data and apply our top-notch AI analysis to the verbatims from other survey tools.

  • Other external platforms

Zapier operates as an intermediary automation platform to connect platforms and systems, creating an automatic trigger between apps, without the use of an API. By hooking up Hello Customer in Zapier, you can send surveys when a certain action is triggered, and you can include a score and feedback from other tools into the Hello Customer analysis.

With Google Tag Manager, a Tag Management System (TMS), you add tags to your own website for tracking purposes. The integration leaves you with many possibilities: show a survey when your customers visit a webpage, when they fill in a form, or scrolled to a certain point of a page.



Every system, application, or platform you use already gives you a great deal of insights into your business processes. Integrating them provides you with rich data to help you better develop your customer experience and take some time off your hands so you and your teams can run the company like well-oiled machine. Don’t be put off by the work: integrating all your systems seems like a big effort, but with Hello Customer a seamless integration is guaranteed, which makes it a part of your ecosystem.