Employee engagement, the wonder drug for customer experience

Leslie Cottenje

You might think: if everything around us is increasingly becoming digital, doesn’t that mean that human interaction is losing importance?

Well, on the contrary. Human interaction is now more important than ever. With online shops being available 24/7, people expect the same service at physical companies. One bad service or experience can make your customers publish a complaint on social media, publicly for everyone there to see.

Your customers are dying to tell you something

Justine Rouckhout


Great Customer Experience starts with your people

Justine Rouckhout Posted by Justine Rouckhout on July 5, 2016

Ambitious companies don't rest until they've made their customers happy. To achieve this, many companies work hard on loyalty programs, company restructuring, and more expensive changes 

Why negative customer feedback is very positive

Justine Rouckhout Posted by Justine Rouckhout on May 24, 2016

Bill Gates once said "Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning". We couldn't agree more. Imagine if Gates never asked his customers for feedback, do you think Microsoft would have become the iconic brand it is today?

Why knowing your customers is the key to success

Justine Rouckhout Posted by Justine Rouckhout on May 13, 2016

As a company, everything you do has a goal: to get someone to decide to do something that will benefit your company. Is that goal customers buying or utilizing your product, service or platform? You'll need to understand who your customers are and how they make their decisions.