Wendy De Vos

Nowadays many companies invest in customer experience and satisfaction. That's wonderful! However, what they often forget is that the improvement of customer experience starts with happy and motivated employees.

Employee engagement, the wonder drug for customer experience

Leslie Cottenje

You might think: if everything around us is increasingly becoming digital, doesn’t that mean that human interaction is losing importance?

Well, on the contrary. Human interaction is now more important than ever. With online shops being available 24/7, people expect the same service at physical companies. One bad service or experience can make your customers publish a complaint on social media, publicly for everyone there to see.

Your customers are dying to tell you something

Justine Rouckhout Posted by Justine Rouckhout on September 12, 2016


Meet Bram, our Chief Customer Officer

Justine Rouckhout Posted by Justine Rouckhout on August 30, 2016

There's one desk at our office that's always filled with paper and folders. And as if the desk isn't enough, the collection continues below the desk and behind the chair.


NPS, two questions or more? That’s the question!

Leslie Cottenje Posted by Leslie Cottenje on August 16, 2016

A few days back I followed a discussion in a LinkedIn group for NPS professionals about asking two or more questions in NPS surveys. From our perspective we have many cases on why you shouldn’t or even should ask more questions, so I wanted to share these learnings and insights with the group and with anyone struggling with this.